Mom I want a husky…

Something I used to say a lot but as the house was already taken over with what felt like several million dogs (briards, neurotic labs, whippets with rickets & tibetan terriers), chinchillas and lovebirds that killed each other in a far from loving manner, my request went unheard.

I think back now to what triggered my love of this particular breed of dog and I really cannot pin point it. I thought maybe it was the tv series Due South but as that wasn’t aired until 1994 it couldn’t have been. I was in love with them when I still lived at home, I suspect there is a novel out there that is responsible for my obsession, a quiet obsession but an obsession none the less.

I’ve followed people down the road because they have been walking a husky, cricked my neck when seeing a husky from the car and pored over articles if the word husky has appeared. All perfectly normal behaviour honest! For quite some time now my pocket psychos have been asking for a dog and my answer has been no and I’ve preached responsibility, time and how a dog is for life. Oh yes a proper mom, I even have the moms pointing finger to reinforce the important bits, get me – a real grown up when it suits me.

Until that is I made friends with someone via a charity, RACPA UK and we joined up as friends on good old facebook. Now I didn’t know that Trace had a husky when we made friends but believe me I soon found her pics of Kya, drool trails left on my keyboard supported this fact. Nor did I know she would be breeding Kya but when the night the puppies were due Trace had a facebook stalker, the second she put up the pics of the litter of seven pups I was there. If I have looked at that puppy album once I’ve looked a thousand times if not more.I knew the second I saw the status saying the pups were on their way that I would be asking if they had homes for them yet but what I didn’t know was that I would soon be signing up for two of those pups.

I’m not sure how much you know about Siberian Huskies but they are not a dog for people who want a nice simple pet and a nice simple life, there really is nothing simple about them. If you don’t like fur, they are not the breed for you. If you want to let your dog off the lead, then they are not for you. If you want a cute little dog who obeys your every word, look elsewhere. If you want a guard dog to keep your home safe, don’t get a husky because believe me not only will they welcome a burglar into your home but if they happen to give them treats your loyal husky will show them where all the good stuff is.

Yes they are beautiful dogs but that fur WILL get everywhere, they love to dig, they are escape artists and they can be destruction on four legs. They seem to have gained this name for being aggressive which is highly inacurate however they do have a high prey instinct, they can and will kill small animals if given the chance.This is not a dog to just go out and buy without an awful lot of research, they are however a very loving, adorable and comical breed. I feel THIS can explain it far better than I can.

Anyway on Saturday the 21st January we are off to pick up our little pack of husky pups. Atka and K’eyush Tikaani come to take over our home, our lives and antything else they wish like taking. The crates are set up and currently full of toys, rawhide bones, cute blankets, puppy pads, food and water bowls, pressed salmon oil and grooming brushes. The puppygate, like a baby gate but higher and hopefully husky proof, is on its way and the car has doggy seat belts ready to go.

We are ready… or are we? start the countdown.

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