Walking Your Dog in Summer Heat

Walking your dog is an important part of responsible pet ownership, and dogs need to be walked daily for exercise as well as mental stimulation.

However on very hot days, when summer temperatures peak it is important to be aware of the effects of the heat on your dog, especially while out on walks.

Sometimes we may be so busy enjoying the sunshine and fresh air that we forget that our dog has a fur coat, making sunshine unbearable at times.

While they may love the sunny days and want to get out, they are also prone to heatstroke and sunburn which will affect your pets health.

Here are some tips for walking your dog on hot days:

walking dog in summer sunshine

Don’t force your pet on a walk if they are struggling with the heat, you may need to skip the walk if it’s excessively hot.

Be aware of their response to the outside temperature, some dogs will simply want to come back inside and find the excessive temperatures unappealing.

You may want to consider doing their daily walk earlier in morning or in the evening, when it is cooler.

As the days are longer in summer, you will still find it is light out at those times, and you can enjoy a far more refreshing walk.

As dogs can suffer from sunburn, avoid lengthy walks indirect sunshine and unshaded areas. Make sure you find shady spots during your walk where you dog can cool off. This may mean changing your normal walking route.

Pavements can get incredibly hot in summer and our dog does not have shoes on like us to avoid these burning their paws. Rather let them walk on grass and avoid having them walk on hot ground as much as possible.

dog playing in hot field while out walkingCarry water with you when taking them for walks. Your dog will get thirsty and too much walking in the hot weather can cause dehydration. Make sure you have stops to let them have a drink.

Don’t go on a walk which is too long. If you are out for a period of time, stop in shaded areas for a rest and drink of water.

Overall. be aware of your dog while out for your walk.

How are they handling the walk?

Do they look tired and too hot?

Are they showing signs of dehydration or heatstroke? 

We want your time out together to be enjoyable, so hopefully these tips will help you in your summer dog walks.

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Our dogs are important to us, so taking care of their health is vital.

Knowing how to care for our dogs will ensure they live longer and stay healthier

Being aware of what can harm their health may save your dog’s life

dog walking outside

The information on this page is only a guide to help make you aware. It is not professional veterinary advice. Please consult your vet for any health concerns about your dog

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