Teddy Bear joins the Pack

Our two little Husky twin pups, soon captured our heart, despite the mess and chaos they caused.

Teddy in snow feb 2013

We both soon found ourselves joining Husky groups online, as well as on Facebook. My own awareness began to grow of the increase of Huskies filling Shelters and dog rescues.

Despite their popularity, many people struggled with the breed, so would soon abandon them. Other issues like overbreeding have started to cause a sharp rise in the amount of Huskies around. Huskies are attractive for breeders, not because of their looks, but because they mean money. They are not cheap dogs, so some people take advantage by using them for breeding and income, despite having no real care for, or interest in the breed.

One day, the two of us decided to take a trip to our local Dogs Trust. On the way, we tried to convince ourselves that we could not take on another dog, and we were just going to have a look.

At the front desk we found out that there were a couple of Huskies currently at the Trust, so excitedly asked if we could see them. Of course, we were only looking, we could not take on another, but what’s the harm in taking a peek?

Teddy Bear, our HuskyFirstly we were introduced to a Husky / Malamute cross called Coupe. We were told he was not very playful, and had been returned multiple times to the Dogs Trust. His last home had brought him back because their other dogs were bullying him.

From the moment I saw him, I fell in love. He was adorable, and through the glass, tried to sniff us, as well as engage with us.

We both sat on the floor for ages, looking at and talking to him, and with each passing moment, I knew I wanted him.

Shortly afterwards we were shown the other Husky, whom Red instantly fell for. She was adorable (the Husky that is), but I could not get my mind off Coupe.

We headed home, and spent an agonising night, desperately waiting for the Dogs Trust to reopen the next day so we could bring one of these beautiful dogs home. Somewhere along the line, I managed to convince Red it should be Coupe 🙂

The next day, we returned to the Dogs Trust, and Red was relieved to hear that there were people interested in the other Husky. She could not bear the thought of this beautiful girl staying locked up, so was happy to know she might be coming out.

We headed to see Coupe again, and this time were allowed sometime with him outside of his cage.  More and more, I knew I wanted him.

We also took the time to introduce him to our Chaos twins, to make sure they got on, and were pleased to find out they all loved each other.

After passing the home check and rest of the application process, Coupe finally came into our home.

Teddy Bear our gorgeous HuskyOne thing though, I was never a fan of his name, and he didn’t seem to care for it either, showing no recognition for it whatsoever when he was called. We decided though to keep the name for now.

Now, remember, we were told that Coupe did not play with toys, so when he entered our home, the last thing we expected was for him to look all over the house and garden, find every dog toy he could, especially the fluffy Teddy bears, put them all into one pile, and sit with his paw on them to claim them as his own; but that is exactly what he did. We soon found out that he was in fact incredibly playful and loved toys.

However, his name…. It still did not fit.

At some point we mentioned that he looked like a giant Teddy Bear, and also commented on how much he liked stuffed teddies. He would walk around the house carrying one in his mouth. Somehow I wonder if he was trying to get the point across to us.

One day we decided to call him Teddy Bear, and almost immediately, he looked at us and responded to the name, as if it had been his all along. From that moment it was set, he was no longer to be called by a name he did not want or recognise, but he was to be known as Teddy Bear

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