Summer BBQ’s and Days Out with Your Dog

Summer BBQ’s, days in the park and holidays are all fun and relaxing summer activities, however bring with them a unique set of problems for dogs.

When the sun is out, we want to be outside enjoying it, and often our dogs are with us. Vets however report an increase in dog injuries and illnesses over times like holiday weekends and periods of increased sunshine.

It is important to be aware of the hazards and possible causes of problems for our dogs so we can avoid them. The last thing you want when you are relaxing over a holiday weekend is a rush to the vet.

Summer BBQ’s:

When the summer sun comes out, we want spend more time outside. A day with friends and family enjoying a BBQ in the garden is often a great way to relax. However it’s at times like these people focus on their fun and forget caring for their dog.

Here are some things to be aware of that can harm your dog during a BBQ:

dog looking out windowWith an abundance of meat around during a BBQ, your dog will want to try to steal some when no one is looking.

  • Cooked bones can be fatal to dogs so need to be kept well out of reach. They can shatter, cause choking and get stuck or puncture the digestive tract.
  • Kebab Skewers can seriously harm your dog, don’t leave them lying around. They will smell of meat so will be a tempting grab by your dog.
  • Burn injuries in dogs are commonly reported by vets during outdoor BBQ season. Anything from trying to grab a piece of meat directly off the BBQ to running off with a sizzling hot sausage can cause harm. Some dogs will swallow something quickly, and if it is incredibly hot, serious internal burning can result as well as stomach ulcers.
  • Ensure lighter fluid is put away and out of dogs reach, these are poisonous and can kill your dog.
  • Your kid may enjoy the trampoline, however vets report many dogs with broken bones in trampoline accidents
  • Be aware of your dog when opening and closing the patio door as you come in and out. It is common for dogs tails to get stuck causing trauma and injury
  • Make sure your dog is not running around in the sun for hours because of all the excitement, as heatstroke and dehydration can result. Take some time from your fun to cool them off. In the same way you watch out for young children in the hear, do so for your dogs.
  • Do not allow them to run too much in excessively hot weather.
  • Do not lock your dog in glass conservatories, sheds, caravans or cars if you want to keep them out of the way during a BBQ with friends. Temperatures in places like these can rapidly increase and harm your dog.
  • Your dog may need your supervision on how long to play for. Like a small child, they get very excited, run around, and then feel the effects afterwards of having over done it.
  • Be aware of where your dog is. with lots of guests coming over for a BBQ, it is easy for gates and freont doors to be left open, allowing your dog to escape and disappear while you are all enjoying yourself.

Days out with Your Dog

walking dog in summer sunshineTaking your dog with you on holiday or to the park for the day is a fun way to spend time with them as well as to relax. However it is important to watch out for their safety while you are out.

Here are a few tips to consider:

  • Stay near your dog if it is swimming in the ocean or a lake. Dogs can drown too
  • Salt water can cause dehydration so do not let them drink ocean water
  • If you take your dog on a boat, consider a life jacket for them too. Falling overboard is possible.
  • If you are in the park for a long period of time, make sure your dog spends time in the shade. Too much time in direct sun can cause heatstroke and dehydration.

Our guides to protecting your dogs in summer weather and hot temperatures:

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Our dogs are important to us, so taking care of their health is vital.

Knowing how to care for our dogs will ensure they live longer and stay healthier

dog outside in a hot park

The information on this page is only a guide to help make you aware. It is not professional veterinary advice. Please consult your vet for any health concerns about your dog

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