Protecting Your Dog in Hot Weather

As summer approaches, it is important to be aware of how to take care of your dog in hot weather, especially extreme heat.

Dogs are affected by the heat and sunshine, and need to be able to cool themselves down as well as protect themselves from the effects of the high temperatures. As owners, we can either make this harder for them, or assist them in being able to regulate their temperature.

Dogs die each year from dehydration, heatstroke, heat exhaustion and other related conditions due to not being taken care of properly in hot weather.

Leaving your dog in a car or in a garden without shade; or an inadequate supply of water can be fatal. Sadly, despite many warnings, dogs are still left in conditions which result in them suffering from the heat or even dying.

Dog safety in hot weather is not a matter to be neglected.

dog playing in hot fieldJust because a dog is used to being outside, does not mean they will be ok in a garden without adequate shade.

The summer sun can reach dangerous temperatures easily and dogs need to be able to cool themselves down to stay healthy.

Please take the time to go through our guides on taking care of your dog in hot weather to ensure that as summer approaches, you can ensure your dog stays healthy and survives.

Dogs which are more prone to struggling with the heat:

All dogs can face heat problems, so just because yours is not covered by one of the points listed below, does not mean they are ok.

You still need to be aware of the tips in our hot weather guides, however with the following dogs you must be even more aware:

  • Darker coat dogs absorb more heat, so will struggle more with higher temperatures
  • Dogs with long hair or thicker coats are more prone to overheating. It is important to groom your dog properly to get rid of excess fur
  • Short snorted dogs
  • Older and younger dogs more are vulnerable to temperature changes
  • Over weight, larger or very muscular dogs will struggle in the heat

Warm Weather Tips:

walking a dog in hot sunshineYou may want to consider feeding your dog at cooler times of the day.

Some may not want to eat when they are very hot. Your dog may also go through diet changes, or with some breeds eating less as they try to lose weight to cope with the summer temperatures.

Your dog may need your supervision on how long to play for when it is hot.

Like a small child, they get very excited, run around, and then afterwards feel the effects of having over done so. Do not allow them to run, exercise and play too much in excessively hot weather.

Understandably you cannot completely control how much they jump around, but you can limit responding and playing in ways that will make them do so.

Our guides to protecting your dogs in summer weather and hot temperatures:

– Leaving A Dog in a Hot Car

– Leaving your Dog Outside in Hot Weather

– Walking Your Dog in Summer Heat

– How to Cool your Dog Down

– Summer BBQs and Days Out with your Dog

– Heatstroke and Dehydration in Dogs

Our dogs are important to us, so taking care of their health is vital.

Knowing how to care for our dogs will ensure they live longer and stay healthier

dog outside in a hot park

The information on this page is only a guide to help make you aware. It is not professional veterinary advice. Please consult your vet for any health concerns about your dog

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