Meet The Pack

Tales of the furry psycho Husky Chaos pack also known as Siberian Huskies. With much bravery also known as insanity it seemed like a really good idea to add these wonderful creatures to our pack. So far it’s been stressful, scary and has caused some sleepless nights but you know what?

I wouldn’t be without my pups for anything in the world.

They have eaten the couches, ripped the floor and destroyed countless x-box remotes but we don’t care, they are our gorgeous pack and we love them

Introducing the Husky Chaos Pack:

Keyushi Tikaani

keyush_huskyAlso known as ‘Yushi’ his full name means ‘Bear Cub Wolf’.

As a puppy, Yushi was known as ‘Mr Cuddles’ a name which still suits him. He enjoys nothing more than cuddling up to someone on the couch, and will seek out the spot as soon as someone sits down.

One of our original twins, Yushi may seem like a softie due to his cuddly nature, however he soon rose through the ranks to become the pack leader

Atka Tikaani

atka HuskyThe true diplomat in the pack, Atka knows how to wag her tail and diffuse any situation. Her name means, ‘Guardian Spirit Wolf’. She comes across as very independent, in contrast to her twin Yushi, however at heart is just as loving and cuddly as he is.

She has mastered the art of Husky ‘selective hearing’, especially when calling her in from the garden at night. Despite this, she knows her left and her right, which is particularly useful on walks.

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Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear HuskyA short trip to our local Dog rescue rewarded us with an amazing addition to our pack, our beautiful Husky / Malamute boy. Originally known as ‘Coupe’, he showed no recognition for the name.

His love for fluffy teddybears and his bear like looks soon earned him the new name ‘Teddy Bear’, which he instantly recognised as his.

Teddy has ended up in rescue because he was easily bullied by other dogs and never stood up for himself. Incredibly passive at heart, he is totally adorable, and knows how to get your attention with a smile on his face and a deep bark to say, ‘hello, I am here, please pat me’.

He adores water. Anything from splashing his water bowl, jumping in a bath, sitting under a sprinkler or jumping in a pond! He clearly appreciates his freedom after so long in and out of rescue homes and loves to sit outside enjoying the air.

How we got Teddy


Nicco HuskyOriginally a foster, Nicco officially joined the pack in early 2013 when we adopted him. Our oldest husky, he is set in his ways, and often reminds us of a granddad.

Nicco is incredibly obedient and well trained, offers his paw on command and loves to roll over for a tummy scratch.

Despite his age, Nicco has recently learned to play and seems to be going through a second puppyhood. He constantly surprises us with new exhibitions you would expect from a young puppy.


Cyra HuskyAlso joining us as a foster, Cyra soon took a special place in our hearts, and we decided to adopt her permanently too. An incredibly obedient girl who is content to sit and relax while the others play.

Our beautiful Husky / Malamute cross likes nothing more than someone walking up to her and scratching her neck, and will soon become putty in your hands as she smiles and pushes her head into your hand.

But wait until she knows it’s walk or dinner time! This chilled, relaxed girl soon jumps around in excitement

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IMG_1952While surfing Facebook, we heard about a Husky who was being abused. Our hearts went out to her and we managed to take her on as a Foster.

She has taken a lot of work because of her abusive history, and has struggled to become part of the pack, however  Roxy has learned to smile and be happy. She has learned that loving attention is far more enjoyable than attention given for being told off (whereas previously it seemed she would do anything just to get attention).

Roxy is an incredible ‘one on one’ dog, and loves being with humans by herself, giving them her full attention. She is also highly energetic, enjoys playing and needs lots of walks.