Leaving A Dog in a Hot Car

You car can be one of the most dangerous places for your dog, so be aware and look out for your pets safety this summer.

Every year dogs die because they are left alone in a car in hot weather.

People think it is ok to leave a window slightly open for air for their dog while they go into the shop, completely unaware of how fast temperatures can rise in a car resulting in heatstroke.

Even a few minutes can have serious implications to your dogs health.

The same problems can occur in glass conservatories or caravans. So don’t leave your dog alone in either of those places during the summer heat.

Temperature inside the car can rapidly rise to double that outside

dog outside in the heatLeaving a window slightly open or a sun shield on the windscreen is not enough to keep the internal temperatures down.

Your dog simply cannot cool itself down enough in that level of heat, even with a window slightly open.

The best solution is to not take your dog out in the car if you are planning on going into shops and will need to leave them alone.

If you have to take your dog with you to run errands, either be able to take them out of the car with you, or have someone stay in the car with them to keep the air conditioning running.

Also ensure that you take a bottle of water and a bowl to give your dog so they don’t get dehydrated in the car

Alternatively, leave the dog at home while you go out on your errands (however be aware of the same heat dangers which can occur if they are left in a garden without adequate shade)

When alone inside a car, a dog whining, panting or barking may be their attempts to try to alert you that they are suffering and desperately need to get out of the heat. It is not simply because they are being naughty.

Another important thing to be aware of is how the dog is doing while you are in the car with them driving.

Keep at least one window cracked open (but not enough for the dog to jump or fall out) to ensure there is a breeze flowing through the car.

Humans are able to wear summer clothes to stay cooler, however dogs fur and coats will still make them vulnerable to heat.

The best solution is to not take your dog with you, but certainly never leave them alone in cars, glass conservatories or caravans.

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Our dogs are important to us, so taking care of their health is vital

Knowing how to care for our dogs will ensure they live longer and stay healthier

dog outside in a hot park

The information on this page is only a guide to help make you aware. It is not professional veterinary advice. Please consult your vet for any health concerns about your dog

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