It’s been a while

but when you have two huskies time can get away from you as can pretty much every single one of your possessions within their reach but that is a whole other story, I’ll start that one later.

Can’t remember where we had got up to with the chaos twins so I’ll just give you the latest news. Atka hit six months old which means she had to be spayed slightly younger than usual as her delightful brother was very likely to learn what his bits are for should she come into season. Now that may work for redneck hillbillies who spend their time playing duelling banjos (Who says television affects our views of the world huh) but not great by our standards.

The day of the spay was absolutely horrific, I felt so guilty leaving her there but then the little bint jumped off happily with the vet without so much of a second glance back or a thought of her non furry mum shaking tearfully, cow. If I checked my phone once for a text from the vets I checked it a million times before finally breaking down having convinced myself that Atka was dead and the vets hadn’t contacted us because they were too scared to tell us they had killed our baby.Yep I’m a twat, she was fine and we went off to collect her an hour later, relief didn’t set in till we had her in our arms.

Amusingly we had a young vetinary nurse explaining to us about the meds we were taking home and how we would have to keep the buster collar on Atka for ten days. At this point I did look at her in total disbelief and ask what alternatives could be used instead of the buster collar. The nurse gave us an exasperated “oh god over protective soft dog owners” look and impatiently told us that the buster collar was the only real option and Atka would be used to it after the first day. I did reply that I was thinking more four/five days down the line, again the young nurse told us she would be fine as all other dogs are… At this point I looked at the OH and gave up. We grabbed our little wobbly furry baby and took her home.

I’ll gloss over a restless night spent on the floor with Atka (yes I am that sad) and scooch onto the morning where we had to return to the vets complete with annihilated buster collar that was smashed into several pieces by a husky repeately running at door frames to remove it.

Receptionist: “Morning, how can I help you?”

OH “this is a little bit broken what would you advise”, said whilst placing several pieces of buster collar on reception desk.

To this the receptionist burst into laughter, showed it to a veterinary nurse who owns huskies herself who looked at us knowingly and grinned as she told us she’d get us in to see one of the vets. Never before have I been prescribed duct tape for one of my pets although I have always expected it from the doctors for my kids. We went home with three buster collars and were advised to put two together and duct tape all the way round it at several points.

We stopped at B&Q on the way home.

The buster collar did survive in one piece, in fact it is still in the garden where the pups use it as a fascinating toy to be thrown around and attacked at will. It really didn’t stay on for longer than half an hour at the time and it certainly didn’t save our fence or shed but I think that is also a whole other story…





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