The Husky Pack Meets a Horse

While enjoying a walk in the fields with the Huskies we came across a very friendly horse, who wandered over to the fence to say hello.

Incredibly he was not afraid of the dogs and even leaned over for a sniff.

Atka and Yushi have both seen horses before, but only from a distance. Atka once enjoyed running around the middle of a field on her long lead while a couple of horses were being ridden around the outside edge of the field. They all kept a safe distance to not scare the horses but Atka’s fascination has let us hoping to see another horse soon while out on a walk. ¬†Yesterday she finally had the chance.

They have always been fascinated, so we were excited about their first opportunity to see one close up.

Atka got a little nervous and barked, but the Horse was nopt put off by her, and she soon got bold enough to say hello. Yushi however was completely fascinated and could not stop trying to sniff and say hello.


Video of the Huskies greeting a Horse:



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