Our Husky Cross, Teddy Bear Digging in the Bath

Our beautiful Husky, Teddy Bear, loves water.

Any opportunity he can, he jumps in and gets as wet as possible. He will swim in ponds, jump into puddles and sit under sprinklers as they spray and get him soaking wet.

He even loves the rain and will run outside to go sit in it.

One of his favourites is to jump into the bath. If the bath is empty he will dig by the plug, hoping to find water, and if there is water in the bath he will splash around as much as possible, getting the entire bathroom soaking wet (and anyone standing nearby).

The smile he gets on his face is so amusing to see as he digs, plays and gets wet.

It is such a contrast to dogs who will avoid the bath at all costs.Many  Siberian Huskies love water.

Enjoy this video of Teddy Bear having a play in the bath.


Our Husky Teddy enjoys water

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