Howling Huskies

One of the amusing and enjoyable characteristics of Huskies is their Howling, especially when they enjoy a pack Howl.

In the Husky Chaos home, pack howling tends to happen under specific circumstances. Most commonly it is when the ice-cream van drives past, playing the well known music to call attention to the kids. This music almost always causes out Husky pack to erupt in a group howl!

Another noise which sets them off is the metal collecting van which periodically comes through the neighbourhood. They also play music and once again it seems to trigger the pack to join in the singing by howling.

Finally, if they are very excited and we are for some reason upstairs, they sometimes gather at the bottom of the stairs and start howling, as if to say, ‘Oi! you up there, we want some attention!’

Enjoy this video of the Husky Chaos pack enjoying a howling session when they heard the ice cream van driving past.

I particularly love the way they all suddenly stop and start looking around in silence for a moment after the group howl.

Enjoy this video of our Howling Huskies:



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