How to Cool Your Dog Down during Hot Seasons

Knowing how to cool your dog down in summer time is an important part of loving them and providing the care they need

Hopefully you have read the other articles in our guide to ‘Protecting Your Dog in the Summer Heat’ and are aware of the dangers that overheating can cause your beloved pet.

Once you realise how important it is to ensure your dog is able to cool down, you will appreciate the things you can do to help them do so.

Some of these things can also add to their fun and even become a game and playtime for your dog.

Tips to Cool Your Dog Down:

Dog getting cool under sprinklerWater is a great way to help cool your dog down. Some dogs do not like water, however they may appreciate it when they are hot and you do it in a way they are ok with.

A dog who does not like a bath, may still enjoy the mist of a sprinkler or water spray.

A sprinkler in the garden can water your plants and also cool your dog down. Some dogs will enjoy playing in these (although watch they do not chew the hose pipe!)

Some sprinklers even spray a mist which will be better for dogs who do not want lots of harder spray on them.

Having a water spray bottle around is a good idea in the summer temperatures.

You can take a few minutes to spray your dog down, and may even have a good laugh doing so.

Some dogs may enjoy drinking from the water spray (ours do!)

Don’t force it on the dogs that do not enjoy this though.

Don’t just spray their top, do the paws and stomach too. These areas can get hot and cooling them down will really help lower your dogs temperature.

dog playing in water to cool downIn addition to sprinklers and water sprays, you might want to provide your dog with a small paddling pool where it can get wet if it wants to.

The moulded plastic children’s pool is ideal and relatively cheap.

However do not leave them unattended with deep water, some dogs can drown in this.

Also, do not leave the pool full when not in use as it can attract mosquitoes and other parasites which can be harmful to your dog.

Depending on which breed of dog you have, you may find that they chew and destroy the paddling pools.

Our dogs love them and play in the water, however will completely rip apart the small plastic children’s paddling pools in minutes.


Humans are not the only ones who appreciate a fan when it is hot. Your dog can cool down the same way.

Be safe though and do not leave your dog unsupervised around a fan, or let them too close to it. You may want to put it higher up and blow it downwards to prevent them getting too close and hurting themselves. Keep the electric cables out of their reach too.

If you want to cool the breeze from the fan down even more, blow the fan over a tray of ice, where the dog can get access to the resultant cool breeze

Cold Treats:

Consider giving your dog a piece of ice to chew on occasionally, they love this.

Not only does it give them water, but will also cool them down. Do this under supervision though, and make sure that they do not try to swallow the entire piece without chewing it smaller, as you do not want them to choke.

We have done things like freeze small pots of yoghurt and given them to the dogs as a cold treat.

You can come up with ways to give them cool treats based upon the diet you already give your dog.

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Our dogs are important to us, so taking care of their health is vital.

Knowing how to care for our dogs will ensure they live longer and stay healthier

Dog siting in water to cool off

The information on this page is only a guide to help make you aware. It is not professional veterinary advice. Please consult your vet for any health concerns about your dog

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