Double Trouble

So my first blog left me at the countdown with six whole days to go and pick up the chaos pups, now I had planned to tell you a few days ago how we managed to commit to having two husky pups which every husky owner will tell you makes you somewhat insane. Sadly time keepings running away from me gah!.

My friends will tell you there is every possibility that I am more than a little insane and probably have a fair bit in common with huskies but I digress as none of this tells you how we ended up with two…

To make a long story very short it is all the OH’s fault and he should not be allowed on Facebook unsupervised. He was asked by Kya’s (puppies mom) owners if we would like to have Atka little Keyush’s sister, he thought for two minutes and promptly turned to me saying well they would be far happier if they had each other. OH would they now? Suddenly we had signed up to two husky pups.



So meet our new pack, Atka Tikaani (left) and K’eyush Tikaani (right).

Atka Tikaani means Spirit Guide Wolf in Inuit.

K’eyush Tikaani means Bear Cub Wolf in Inuit.

So now we are a pack, we picked up the furry psychos but that is a whole other story and I need to stop them from stealing the cats water bowl and carrying around the house.




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