Video of Dog Playing with His Food

Our gorgeous dog Nicco loves to play with his food before eating it.

He seems to feel that all food must be properly killed before it is ready for consumption. As a result he digs and barks at it, bouncing around until he is totally satisfied it is dead. It doesn’t matter if it is a bone, a bowl of food or meat, as far as he is concerned all food must be played with.

We love seeing the grin on his face while he plays and kills his food. He has a dig, looks around with a grin, then barks at the food. Then off to digging at it again.

Food time is always amusing around Nicco, then he finishes off with his seal stance (paws bent sideways outwards) to eat.

Does your dog play with his food like this?

Here is an amusing video of Nicco’s food games for you to laugh at and enjoy:

smiley nicco

 Our Gorgeous smiley Husky, Nicco.

Originally a Foster, then adopted because we fell in love with him.

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