Cyra and Nicco

cyraAs we approached Christmas, the last thing I expected was to find myself driving half way across the country during the holiday period to get to more Huskies.

We had not had Teddy Bear long, and we had told ourselves that three was our absolute limit.

That was until Red found a picture online of two adorable huskies in desperate need of a foster home, due to the rescue they were in being completely overwhelmed with the number of dogs coming in.

Since getting the first two, we had gotten into the habit of surfing pictures online of our beloved dog breed. This meant often seeing photos of those looking for new homes.

Red suddenly came to me over Christmas and announced that a day or two after Christmas I needed to go on a long drive to get two more dogs!

nicko 19may13These two adorable huskies (Nicco and Cyra) had found their way into a small, independently run rescue home for dogs. After contacting them, we agreed to take them on as foster dogs, until a suitable permanent home could be found. 

When I drove up to collect them, and saw how stunning they were face to face, I presumed they would be adopted quite soon, however they were older dogs and many people are uninterested in adopting older dogs, because they want a nice young puppy to join the home.

Personally, I wish people would consider older dogs as well as puppies. They need a loving home too.

Cyra, the white Husky, happily jumped into my car, lay down and settled in for the journey to their new home, while the the black Husky, named Nicco, decided that whining and howling all the way home would be the best way to pass the time, much to the dismay of my ears!

We have since discovered that this is his normal response to driving in a car. He does not seem to be distraught while doing so, but rather looks quite happy. I wonder if he just can’t quite contain his excitement over being on a journey?

The pack meets the newcomers

cyra teddy yushiArriving home, the house was filled with energy and excitement, not just because Red adored the new additions, but also our little husky pack enjoys meeting new dogs. There was lots of running, jumping and sniffing.

As things settled, it became clear there was an age difference, not because anything went wrong, but simply we were used to dogs who spent their day tearing through the house, eating everything.

Cyra and Nicco were both such chilled and well behaved dogs. They simply enjoyed relaxing on the sofa with us while the younger puppies played. They did however settle into the pack, and the home incredibly well, and even sometimes joined in the play before cuddling the sofa again.

We also found ourselves becoming very attached to both of them, and the thought of someone deciding they wanted to adopt the gorgeous foster dogs is something we preferred to avoid thinking about, as it triggered sadness each time it came to mind.

We were delighted a few months later, when Red had a chat with the Dog Rescue we were fostering them for, that they suggested we adopt them permanently. After getting no objections from me, or Cyra and Nicco, the decision was made that our pack would permanently become five.

smiley nicco


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