Our gorgeous dog Nicco loves to play with his food before eating it. He seems to feel that all food must be properly killed before it is ready for consumption. As a result he digs and barks at it, bouncing around until he is totally satisfied it is dead ...

Video of Dog Playing with His Food

Our Huskies are not the only furry friends who like the bath. Our Cat also enjoys drinking from the bath tap The Husky Chaos household is filled with animals who do strange things! We thought you would enjoy seeing our manic little kitten too.

Our Cat Drinking from Bath Tap

Husky Greets a Horse
While enjoying a walk in the fields with the Huskies we came across a very friendly horse, who wandered over to the fence to say hello. Incredibly he was not afraid of the dogs and even leaned over for a sniff.

The Husky Pack Meets a Horse

One of the amusing and enjoyable characteristics of Huskies is their Howling, especially when they enjoy a pack Howl. In the Husky Chaos home, pack howling tends to happen ...

Howling Huskies