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smiley nicco
As we approached Christmas, the last thing I expected was to find myself driving half way across the country during the holiday period to get to more Huskies. We had not had Teddy Bear long, and we had told ourselves that three was our absolute limit. That was until Red […]

Cyra and Nicco

Teddy Bear, our Husky
Our two little Husky twin pups, soon captured our heart, despite the mess and chaos they caused. We both soon found ourselves joining Husky groups online, as well as on Facebook. My own awareness began to grow of the increase of Huskies filling Shelters and dog rescues. Despite their popularity, […]

Teddy Bear joins the Pack

The gorgeous Husky Chaos twins
If you had told me 5 years ago that I would own six Huskies, I would have laughed. I have always adored the breed, however never thought I would ever have one (or six). However just over 2 years ago, my girlfriend started looking at pictures of Husky puppies online. […]

How I came to own Huskies

When you get ready for the invasion of a husky (or two) into your home you think you have dog proofed every where but you soon find out you haven’t! Huskies are escape artists, ahah I thought, I’d like to see them get over the six foot fences we have. […]

What fence? where?

but when you have two huskies time can get away from you as can pretty much every single one of your possessions within their reach but that is a whole other story, I’ll start that one later. Can’t remember where we had got up to with the chaos twins so I’ll just give you the latest […]

It’s been a while

This morning, first thing, I was lying on the sofa with two sleeping huskies draped over my legs and feet, occasionally looking up at the partially cloud covered moon sitting in the early morning pale yet still darkened blue sky from my ereader, Farseer 1 – Assassins Apprentice by Robin […]

Morning mayhem

Something I used to say a lot but as the house was already taken over with what felt like several million dogs (briards, neurotic labs, whippets with rickets & tibetan terriers), chinchillas and lovebirds that killed each other in a far from loving manner, my request went unheard. I think […]

Mom I want a husky…