Our Cat Drinking from Bath Tap

Our Huskies are not the only furry friends who like the bath. Our Cat also enjoys drinking from the bath tap

The Husky Chaos household is filled with animals who do strange things! We thought you would enjoy seeing our manic little kitten too.

Well, she is not a kitten any longer, but has never grown up. She is small like a kitten and still acts like one.

The manic little ball of fur has adjusted very well to the Husky filled house, and has he upstairs all to herself, where she often taunts the dogs by looking over the banister, well out of their reach behind a pet gate.

A few of the Huskies have even managed to get swiped across the face by her sharp claws, just so they know who is boss, and to keep their distance.

She insists of drinking water from a tap, rather than a bowl, and will often sit at the tap waiting for someone to turn it on. She doesn’t even mind getting a little wet and is incredibly skilled at dripping the water onto her paw where she quite happily licks it off for a drink

Cat drinking from Bath Tap

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