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Heatstroke and dehydration are serious conditions in dogs, and it is important that as dog owners we are aware of the causes, symptoms and treatments for both. During the summer months, when temperatures sore, the potential for your dog suffering from heatstroke and dehydration increases. These conditions can be fatal or at the least cause serious health issues in your dog.

Heatstroke and Dehydration in Dogs

Summer BBQ's, days in the park and holidays are all fun and relaxing summer activities, however bring with them a unique set of problems for dogs. When the sun is out, we want to be outside enjoying it, and often our dogs are with us. Vets however report an increase in dog injuries and illnesses over times like holiday weekends and periods of increased sunshine. It is important to be aware of the hazards and possible causes of problems for our dogs so we can avoid them. The last thing you want when you are relaxing over a holiday weekend is a rush to the vet.

Summer BBQ’s and Days Out with Your Dog

Dog siting in water to cool off
Knowing how to cool your dog down in summer time is an important part of loving them and providing the care they need Hopefully you have read the other articles in our guide to 'Protecting Your Dog in the Summer Heat' and are aware of the dangers that overheating can cause your beloved pet. Once you realise how important it is to ensure your dog is able to cool down, you will appreciate the things you can do to help them do so.

How to Cool Your Dog Down during Hot Seasons

dog walking outside
Walking your dog is an important part of responsible pet ownership, and dogs need to be walked daily for exercise as well as mental stimulation. However on very hot days, when summer temperatures peak it is important to be aware of the effects of the heat on your dog, especially while out on walks.

Walking Your Dog in Summer Heat

dog outside in the shade
Many dogs are left outside, in the garden while their owners are out of the house. Some stay outside all the time, even when their owners are home. It may seem fine to do so, especially when people say that outdoors is natural to a dog, so they will be happy and ok there. However sometimes people do not think about their dogs need for shade and cool areas, particularly when temperatures sore in summer.

Leaving your Dog Outside in Hot Weather

dog outside in the heat
You car can be one of the most dangerous places for your dog, so be aware and look out for your pets safety this summer. Every year dogs die because they are left alone in a car in hot weather. People think it is ok to leave a window slightly open for air for their dog while they go into the shop, completely unaware of how fast temperatures can rise in a car resulting in heatstroke. Even a few minutes can have serious implications to your dogs health.

Leaving A Dog in a Hot Car

dog outside in a hot park
As summer approaches, it is important to be aware of how to take care of your dog in hot weather, especially extreme heat. Dogs are affected by the heat and sunshine, and need to be able to cool themselves down as well as protect themselves from the effects of the heat. As owners, we can either make this harder for them, or assist them in being able to regulate their temperature.

Protecting Your Dog in Hot Weather

Our gorgeous dog Nicco loves to play with his food before eating it. He seems to feel that all food must be properly killed before it is ready for consumption. As a result he digs and barks at it, bouncing around until he is totally satisfied it is dead ...

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