Morning mayhem

This morning, first thing, I was lying on the sofa with two sleeping huskies draped over my legs and feet, occasionally looking up at the partially cloud covered moon sitting in the early morning pale yet still darkened blue sky from my ereader, Farseer 1 – Assassins Apprentice by Robin Hobb in case you were wondering what I was/am reading. I love the peacefulness of the sunrise even if I dislike the actual getting out of bed to enjoy it.

It’s always nice to sit quietly and just enjoy the birds morn chorus as it gets lighter, with this thought I reached for my coffee and spied several husky hairs floating in it, (sighs). My gaze wandered over to the beautiful gold boxed valentines card, for now I am the only one who knows about the husky teeth marks in the bottom right hand corner of the card (heavy sigh). Yushi either felt that valentines cards taste nice or is a sophisticated card critic, to be fair it probably could have been considered a little on the mushy side but I’m not sure it warranted the added tooth based puncture marks.

Sat and watched Atka jump off my legs to go do her snuffle exploration of the floor in search for, er well anything really, she gives dyson a run for their money and at least she doesn’t have plastic bits holding her together that constantly break! Few minutes later I watched her run by with a pair of pants dangling from her mouth, where on earth she got them from is anyone’s guess! removed the half chewed pants from her teeth with the usual wrestling match complete with bells, ok the bells may have been in my head (long suffering sigh).

Having lived with huskies for a few weeks I now feel I have a far better understanding of Basil Fawlty and his disfunctional relationship with the hapless Manuel. Again another big sigh as I fish around in my near cold coffee with the impossible task of removing the floating husky hair that my fur covered manuels have shared with my cup and absently place the retreived knickers into a pocket on my combats. Really wish I had tucked them in completely, had to answer the door to a delivery man this morning with a pair of pants hanging out of my side pocket (heavier heavy sigh).

Just been out in the garden to retrieve a walking boot, a coffee mug complete with teaspoon still in it, two socks (odd) and an old mobile phone, was too late for the packet of brightly coloured cup cake cases the chaos twins had stolen from the broken kitchen cupboard. The things these happen on a daily basis just like the remote control episode.

Pocket psycho two is seven and loses everything he touches, this includes the vison box remote control with alarming regularity. The pups had been here three days when the remote disappeared yet again and of course number two was the last to have it. He was firmly reprimanded about not looking after things and given a three day TV ban, he went to bed tearfully.

The following morning I was watching the chaos twins in the garden with a rib bone each, Yushi disappeared up the side of the garden shed with his and reappeared seconds later minus his bone only to start trying to steal Atka’s. Atka somewhat obviously was less than impressed with his actions and started running around trying to evade this food commando attack. To restore the peace I donned my UN beret, ok it was actually my husky hat but that isn’t as cool now is it? and I braved the spiders to squeeze my principality sized butt between the shed and fence… my foot struck something plastic… something remote control shaped partially buried… yep you’ve got it, Yushi had stolen the remote control the previous evening and buried it behind the shed (eye rolling accompanied sigh).

This incident cost me pizza, cake and chocolate to appease the small person who had been so wrongly accused and more than ready to make the most of his falsely placed punishment. (more sighs, this time heavy and long suffering). Life is never dull these days and no I won’t make you a Waldorf Salad.

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