The Adventures and Antics of the Husky Chaos Pack

The gorgeous Husky Chaos twins

The gorgeous Husky Chaos twins

Starting with the chaos twins, Atka and Keyush, we have discovered the joys of having Huskies in the house. Endless laughs, lots of energy and plenty of cuddles, our lives will never be the same.

Our pack soon grew as we adopted, rescued and fostered more Huskies each bringing further joy into our lives.

From running around the house with the ‘zoomies’ (a term for when a Husky gets a mad rush of energy and charges about), to destroying couches and other furniture our pack has worked their way into our hearts with their amusing ways.

Our desire is to share this enjoyment for such an adorable breed of dog with you through fun videos, pictures and stories; as well as advice on owning huskies and other tips for dog owners.

Feel free to explore the site, go ‘ahhhh’ at the pictures and laugh at the videos as we introduce to you, ‘The Husky Chaos household’

Husky Portrait